Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Baptist strangeness

There are things I do not understand about organized religion and the people who participate in the shared delusion. I'm using my words carefully here. Delusion fits. Especially with regard to Baptists and their wayward pastors.

In Michigan next Sunday, Rev. Arthur Pearson will give a sermon at Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church. Pearson allegedly misappropriated about $237k in church funds. Yet he will preach and and his flock will listen. How does this work?

In the real world, reason would intervene and the decent folks who attend the church would set the pastor down until the allegations are resolved. Pastors are plentiful. Guest pastors can fill in for Pearson without causing too much disruption to the heath and wellbeing of the church. It's a reasonable response to the situation, yet this will not happen. Pearson will preach to the bitter end.

The Bible clearly states that pastors should not lead if they are compromised by controversy. It's better for the church to have the pastor step aside. It's not a recommendation. It is what bible mandates. Yet these Christians will ignore the bible and do as they please. It a delusion fed by hubris and a disregard for the very book they hold dear.

I'll never understand.