Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Are Catholic priests into indecent exposure?

I grow tired of reporting on the misdeeds of the clergy, but something inside me keeps pushing me to keep at it. This time it was Father Mark Stewart Bullock, a Baltimore-area Catholic priest who was arrested for indecent exposure. It seems like I've commented on a dozen or so Catholic priests in various compromising positions and indecent positions; be it running naked or hanging out in public restrooms. Bullock was caught in an adult bookstore without his pants. He was visible to customers in the store (I'm pretty sure that was the point.)

Pastor Bullock may be gay and is definatly into high risk sex. I'm thinking that his behavior may be inconstant with the moral direction of the Catholic church. Of course, since the crime involved acts that could be interpreted as gay behavior, the Catholic church will lower the hammer of God on Bullock. He'll be gone in a matter of months. If he had abused a child… it could take years.

Oh, and sitting on a couch in a adult book shop without your pants in gross beyond words. Yucky. Eww.