Saturday, August 20, 2011

Youth Pastor Dirk Jackson Sentenced

I like closing these cases. Former youth pastor Dirk Jackson was sentenced to 41 months in prison for the sexual abuse of a 6th grade student. The victim, who is now 21, said, “I don’t want him doing the tings he did to me to an child.” Jackson is a Baptist.

When Jackson, a 32-year-old father of two young children, got his turn to address the court, he told Mills, “I want you to know that I am very sorry. I understand the profound gravity of what I’ve done.”

In the years since his abuse of the victim when she attended Manchester Christian Academy — which included having her perform oral sex on him — Jackson said he has “tried to live a life that is right and honorable.”

Several people, including Jackson’s wife, Ashley, spoke in support of him and asked for leniency in sentencing. They said he is remorseful over what he did, and they sought to assure Mills that Jackson would not reoffend after he serves his time.

Source: Former youth pastor gets 41-month sentence for abuse of student

Jackson was the youth pastor at First Baptist Church in Port Orchard. He was popular and supported by his family and community. Jamie Greening, writing at the Pastor Greenbean blog, had this to say.

It is important that we pray for the victim.  She was a young, impressionable, and vulnerable girl when these things happened and I cannot fathom her emotional and spiritual trauma from this event.  As I have spoken and written about before; I hurt for her very much.  We must pray that the Lord will provide a way for healing in her life.

It refreshing to see a pastor talk about abuse, the victim, and his church. I scoff at the idea of prayer helping the victim. Prayer is easy. It’s doing the right thing that is hard.

Pastor Greenbean’s blog is all about the future. It’s a healthily approach to this situation. I’d like to know what they will do to prevent abuse in the future.

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Jenna O. said...

It's relief to see that he got full punishment. I attended this church, and left after being told by this "MAN" I could't be a member because of my sins in my life. But yet look at the ones he had. Seems the judging ones are the ones with the most to hide! Maybe it's a more personal reason why I am glad he was punished to the MAX Be it as it may... 41 months isn't long enough for what he did to that 6th grader.

M&M said...

I do not know Dirk Jackson. I know his Dad, Mom, brother and sister. My heart goes out to the Jackson family. I do not condone what Dirk has done. The anger directed towards him,and hoping that he will be punished for life, is a sad commentary on how we can hate so much, without seeing our own faults and sins. To the Jackson family I say, "you are deeply loved in Jesus Christ."

Anonymous said...

I would like to make the statement that you did not do your homework. Dirk was the associate pastor not the youth pastor. The church had a female youth pastor.

Mojoey said...

Anonymous - I report what is in the press. They call him a youth pastor. He's a youth pastor.