Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pastor Charles Rawlins arrested

It’s these stories that baffle me. A 63 year old life-long pastor flushes his career away because of his inability to control his libido. In this case, people who know Charles Rawlins will swear he was the best of the best. That the good works he performed with his wife for the community show the quality of his character. Yet on four separate occasions pastor Charles Rawlins is alleged to have engaged in sexual acts with a female inmate. Why would a pastor do that? I know the answer. Men are pigs. Being a Christian or a pastor does not change this basic fact. Men can choose a better path. We don’t have to be pigs. We control what we do. What happened the the moral grounding the bible offered pastor Rawlins?

According the affidavit, it is true. Charles Rawlins admitted to having sex with a female inmate on four different occasions this year at the Sequatchie County Food Bank which he started years ago.

Rawlins who pastors the Covenant Fellowship Center with his wife, works with the Sequatchie County Jail Ministry Program.

Source: Preacher arrested on sex charges

I wonder what he offered her?