Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pastor Joe Flowers sentenced

JoeFlowersPastor Joe Flowers was sentenced to 7 years in prison and 10 years post-release supervision. Flowers was convicted of the repeated sexual abuse of a young boy. Flower never acknowledged his abuse. He still maintains his innocence. He will soon find that prison is full of innocent men.

Flowers today apologized to his family, friends and parishioners, but maintained his innocence. He claimed all of his explanations had been “twisted.”

“You used the church and position of authority…for your own sexual gratification,” Piampiano said to Flowers. “How selfish and how destructive.”

Source: Joe Flowers gets maximum sentence for molesting boy

Flowers also continues to blame the victim for his troubles. The victims mother is more forgiving.

“I expected him to blame us,” the boy’s mother said. “He’s sorry it had to come through the courts, not for what he did…. I pray that he finds repentance and deliverance in his new journey.”

Flowers faces charges in two other cases. He will never see freedom again.

Additional charges are pending against Flowers for allegedly having sexual contact with two other boys. He will appear in Monroe County Court on those charges for a Sept. 6. pretrial hearing.

I wonder if he is bound for protective custody?