Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pastor's Voyeurism Video Released

Sometimes these stories just write themselves.

FLEMING ISLAND, Fla. -- Portions of a secretly recorded videotape of women changing clothes in the office at a Fleming Island church pastor were released Wednesday.

This is the video that members of Berean Baptist Church were told for years did not exist.

Co-pastor Greg Neal was accused of hiding a camcorder behind a plant in his office in the spring of 2001 while female church members changed clothes. Investigators said the tape shows Neal handling the camera before and after the women used his office to change into clothes for a music program.

Source: Pastor's Voyeurism Video Released

Pastor Greg Neal is busted. Yet nothing will happen to the man because of the statute of limitations. Greg Neal and his father, pastor Tom Neal, should both be fired. I doubt it will happen though. These Baptists will circle the wagons to protect their pastors, despite the damage they inflict on the church. It’s predictable and said. I ask that the members of Berean Baptist Church do the right thing and fire their pastors. Set an example. Show us how its done.