Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vatican releases pedophile priest files

The Vatican is trying to get in front of a federal judge from Portland, Ore., who wants full disclosure. Instead, the Vatican doled out a few crumbs.

The files published represent a small, selective part of the documentation that a federal judge in Portland, Ore., ordered the Holy See to turn over to U.S. lawyers representing a man who says he was abused by the Rev. Andrew Ronan in Portland. The man, known in court papers as John V. Doe, is seeking to hold the Vatican liable for the abuse.

It is the first time the Holy See, the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, has been forced to turn over documentation in a sex-abuse case.

The partial documentation released Wednesday includes the 1966 case file with Ronan's request to be laicized, or removed from the clerical state, after his superiors learned of accusations that he had molested minors in Ireland.

Source: Vatican releases internal files on alleged child abuser

It’s interesting to note that the files are an attempt to establish when the Vatican knew of Ronan’s abuse, but by releasing only a small portion of the files, they appear to be concocting a favorable narrative instead of being truthful. Their actions are laughable. I hope the judge pushes for full disclosure.


klatu said...

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graham.turner1 said...

Am I the only person to notice the stench of hypocrisy that surrounds the Roman Catholic paedophile priest scandal?

These people are supposed to occupy the moral high ground but their track record is appalling

A formal complaint has been lodged on behalf on the victims with the International criminal Court against the Pope and senior Vatican officials accusing them of crimes against humanity.
A human rights lawyer has said

"The point of this is to look at it from a higher altitude. You zoom out and the practices are identical: whistleblowers are punished, the refusal of the Vatican to co-operate with law enforcement agencies. You see the protection of priests and leaving them in the ministry and because of these decisions other children are raped and sexually assaulted."
The ICC is their only hope of achieving justice. The Roman Catholic Church is unwilling and incapable of doing so. An recent article by a Roman Catholic journalist makes my point for me
She discusses the cloyne report which deals with the Catholic Church ‘s handling of child abuse in Ireland
She concludes by saying:
“Mr Kenny(the prime Minister of Ireland) was right to identify the Vatican – as opposed to the Pope – as a bad influence”
to her, everyone is guilty except the captain of the ship.

The text of the holy see’s response to the cloyn report includes the following: –
This text rejects a trend among some contemporary theologians to treat the Church’s teaching as though it were the product of public debate, to dissent from “official teaching” and to impose their opinions on the faithful by means of public statements, protests and other such actions, which are legitimate in modern democracy but unsuited for handing on the truth of divine revelation, which theologians in their research are called to investigate

This is a fine example of the ‘arrogance, authoritarianism ,elitism and narcissism’ of the Vatican which are failings Mr Kenny identifies in his speech
So long as no one is prepared to lay the blame at the feet of the Pope there is no hope of the victims receiving justice