Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer projects for teens

My teen son is home this summer. He best friend (from Texas) is staying with us until he returns to the Lone Star State for school in the fall. The boys are up to no good. It’s my job as a parent to fix the problem. I’ve challenged them to complete a few seemingly mundane tasks. I’m looking for more ideas.

Task list

  1. Write a blog post each day on their hip Gamming blog, Gamerz in the lobby. I claim blade579 as my own.
  2. Produce a catalog of the plant life in our backyard. The list should include each tree, bush, plant and flower. They are to produce a journal with a leaf and description of the plant. A drawing is required if identification is difficult.
  3. Use public transit to get to the beach and back.
  4. Do 100 consecutive pushups each and earn a $100 prize. (I think the prize is safe).

Can you guess the motivation behind each task? I think its obvious, but the boys are a little dense. I think it’s all the hormones.

I need more ideas. Please leave a comment if you can.

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