Tuesday, July 19, 2011

iPhone Photo – Valet keys


I shot this with my iPhone while waiting for my car at The Precinct last week in Cincinnati. I had a great meal with my good friend Rich. The meal was fantastic but the service was unprofessional. I prefer the European standard for dinning. The waiters don’t bother you, nor do they try to turn your table. I felt rushed and constantly interrupted by an annoying woman who wanted to check on how much I enjoyed my very expensive steak.

I remember several things about Ohio. I got to catch up with a good friend. The weather was hotter than hell (and hotter than Waco too). I think I arrived on a record setting day as it was over 110 with the heat index. I saw a groundhog! Deer appear to be plentiful. I saw half a dozen in one day.

I shot this using Hipstamatic.

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