Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A soft spot for poetry

I love poetry. I listen to it everyday. It comes in many forms. Be it music, prose, or my daily dose of the Writer’s Almanac, I always listen to at least one poem a day. Today I listened to Learn Out Load’s podcast of the Charge of the Light Brigade. I think I’m a Lord Tennyson fan now. I listen to Poetry Magazine’s monthly podcast and try hard to understand the oddness that is modern poetry. The Slate Poetry Podcast is particularly enjoyable. I can't get enough of poetry now, which is funny considering I did not start reading it until I was in my mid-40s.

A happened upon Natalie Merchant singing old poems on a TED video. I enjoyed it and thought it might be of interest to others so I posted it here. Enjoy.

I’m opening up my blog to guest posts and submissions of original work in an effort to offset the evil people I post about. If you are a poet and would like to publish your work on my blog, please read my submission guidelines. I’m even working out how to provide a spot for spoken word poetry.

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