Tuesday, June 14, 2011


In a June 7, 2011 post titled Pastor Cecil Harper charged, I incorrectly linked Harper’s church to Grace Mount Zion Apostolic Church instead of Mount Zion Apostolic Church. I’ve been dressed down in several places today...

In respect to the Grace Mount Zion Apostolic Church, its pastor, leadership team and community, immediate deactivation of the link to our website is called for. The association of Grace Church to immoral and questionable activities is incorrect and misleading. Your intention to raise awareness in light of misconduct within religious ranks is clearly understood. However, it is unfair for you to associate another group with the unfortunate allegations related to the clergyman cited in your article. Please ensure that the information that you present on this platform is accurate.

My apologies. I can only offer this by way of explanation.

Thanks for the lecture you splitters.