Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New book from the creator of Eternal Earth-Bound Pets post rapture pet rescue

The Atheist Camel Rants Again!: more arguments and observations from the atheist frontBart Centre, aka Dromedary Hump, is at it again with his release of his second book, The Atheist Camel Rants Again!. I can’t wait to tear into this book as I thoroughly enjoyed his first book.

The Atheist Camel Rants Again! (ISBN 1460933915), a collection of short diatribes by Bart Centre, features 100 new essays of topical insight that seek to uncover the contradictions of religious teaching…

…the author weaves personal narrative with current events and philosophical insight, all mixed with satire, sarcasm and humor to provide an enjoyable learning experience. Intended to engage, inspire and amuse, the book is appropriate for a broad range of readers.

The author is a frequent and welcome visitor here on Deep Thoughts. I’m thrilled at the chance to read and review his new book. I’ll be sure to post a review soon. Until then, click on the picture or the link to purchase a copy from Amazon.