Monday, June 27, 2011

Monsignor Robert Murphy replaced

When news surfaced that Monsignor Robert Murphy had not disclosed that at one time, he was accused of sexual misconduct, I figured the clock was ticking on his career as the man handling the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St Joseph’s clergy sexual abuse cases. He was destined to be fired anyway. Especially after his mishandling of the Ratigan case surfaced. There is no doubt in my mind that Murphy should be removed, but I think Murphy’s boss, Bishop Robert Finn, should be replaced as well. His actions clearly show his indifference to the clergy sexual abuse problem. He did nothing to stop Ratigan. He failed to act because he failed to read the compliant. It’s managerial incompetence.

Kansas City Bishop Robert Finn admitted Friday that he did not read Hess’ letter, submitted May 19, 2010, until May 26, 2011 -- a week after Ratigan’s arrest.

Source: Priest's pornography case reveals clericalism of the laity

Every time I call on Catholics to clean house, I am accused of hating Catholics. I want to set the record straight. Hating Catholics is irrational. How does one hate a billion people? No. If I hate anything at all, it is the institution of Catholicism. The leadership is selling their followers out. They must be held accountable. It’s the best way to fix the problem. My calls for a fix cannot be construed as hate. Instead, thing of them as a call to action. Rise up Catholics. Demand better of your leadership. Demand accountability.