Saturday, June 11, 2011

Msgr. Robert Murphy’s hypocrisy

Msgr. Robert Murphy is vicar general for the Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese. He is responsible for how the church responds to cases of sexual abuse. And wait for it… he’s been accused of sexual misconduct.

Four years ago, Bishop Robert Finn received a letter from a local man alleging that Murphy had exposed himself and propositioned him for sex during a meeting at a parish rectory in 1984, The Star reported.

Finn wrote the man back saying the man’s allegations were unsubstantiated.

The revelation of the report comes as the diocese is dealing with criticism over the way it handled the case of Fr. Shawn Ratigan, a local pastor who was arrested May 19 on three counts of possession of child pornography.

That’s right folks. The man responsible for responding to cases of clergy sexual abuse was himself accused, and his case was dismissed without an investigation. How is there any integrity in that process or in the men involved?

SNAP is calling for the Catholic church to put notices in all churches where Murphy worked so that additional abuse cases can be identified. I think this is reasonable. What I don’t understand is why the Church is does not take action.