Thursday, June 09, 2011

An evil game played by an evil pastor

I’m posting sections of a redacted police report from the pastor Chris Settlemoir child molestation case to the conversation thread of my first post on this freak. It offers some startling insight into the mind of a child predator. Settlemoir was a Baptist pastor and leader of the church’s private school. He treated the children who attended the school like his personal playthings.

This report discusses a game Settlemoir would play with the boys called “Go, done, prove it.” You can see how easy it is for a person in a position of authority to wear a child down (authorities call it grooming). Until one day, the pedophile gets the child to cross a line. It’s unsettling.  

A word of warning – what follows is graphic.  

-------------------------- INTERVIEW OF (NAME OF VICTIM) -----------------------------------

I spoke with (name of victim) alone and advised him that I would like to get some background information and then ascertain a time line of events the best that he can remember. I advised (name of victim) that if he did not know something that he should not guess and that if I get something wrong to correct me. (Name of victim) stated he understood and he agreed to do the same.

I asked (name of victim) if he has an email account. He stated yes and that it is (email account info). I asked (name of victim) how often he accesses his account. He stated he very rarely uses it. I asked if Chris has ever sent anything to his email account. He stated no. (Name of victim) did state he has a Facebook account however very rarely accesses that also. I asked (name of victim) if Chris ever posted things on his Facebook account. (Name of victim) stated yes several times with the most recent approximately six months ago. I asked (name of victim) what the content of Chris’s messages was. (Name of victim) stated something like are you going to Church tonight or something along those lines. They never exchanged any inappropriate information/photos on Facebook. I then asked (name of victim) if he knows the phone service provider that Chris uses for his cell phone. (Name of victim) stated Verizon. I then asked (name of victim) if he has any of the texts that Chris has sent him. (Name of victim) stated no because it was over a month ago when he last sent him a text.

I asked (name of victim) if Chris has ever shown him porn videos, pictures or movies either on the computer, at the school or anywhere else. (Name of victim) stated Chris has sent him a picture of his penis or what (name of victim) believed was Chris’s penis to (name of victim) cellular phone. I asked (name of victim) to tell me what the circumstances were surrounding the event. (Name of victim) stated it was approximately a year ago when Chris wanted (name of victim) to play a game called “Go, Done, prove it”. (Name of victim) advised me that what this meant was Chris sent him a text that stated “Go” (name of victim) texted back ‘what are you talking about?’ Chris replied “First one to get an errection”. (Name of victim) replied again “what are you talking about”. No reply from Chris. (Name of victim) states Chris began to be persistent by texting him this “Go, Done, Prove it” every few days. Ultimately (name of victim) states he gave in and dialog was Chris sent “Go”. (Name of victim) sent Chris a text back stating he was done. Chris then sent ‘Prove it, by sending me a picture’ (name of victim) did send Chris a picture. (Name of victim) added that on several occasions Chris sent him a picture of his penis to ‘prove it’. (Name of victim) stated this was over eight months ago.

Approximately five months ago (name of victim) stated that he was with Chris in Chris’s truck “Soul winning and bus calling”. (Name of victim) explained that this is when generally a few members from the church would go out into the neighborhoods and knock on doors asking people if they would like to go to their church and if they would need the bus to pick them up (name of victim) stated after doing this for several hours, Chris was giving (name of victim) a ride home. (Name of victim) stated the two of them was the only two in the truck. Chris reached over to (name of victim) and grabbed his crotch over his pants. (Name of victim) stated he pushed Chris’s hand away. (Name of victim) does not recall what the conversation was before and after this incident.

Shortly after this (name of victim) states he would begin receiving text messages from Chris stating “Are you hard”. Then in January-February (name of victim) was called out of his English class which was being taught by Chris’s wife, (name of Chris’s wife), to respond to Chris’s office. When (name of victim) got into Chris’s office, Chris asked (name of victim) if he was hard. (Name of victim) stated he did not say anything but just walked out.

During this same time period (name of victim) played basketball which Chris is the coach of the team (name of victim) stated when the guys would be taking a shower, Chris would periodically walk by making comments as to the size of different guys penises, such as “so & so’s penis is small”.

--- End ---

These guys scare me.

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