Monday, May 16, 2011

Andy the Atheist is easy

Dare2Share paints Andy the Atheist as a shallow person who is easy to convert if you know which buttons to push.

Don't talk about sin with an atheist. In their worldview, morality is generally dependent on the situation and neutral, so there is no reference point in their minds for a concept of breaking God's universal laws.

Don't get dragged into arguments about what God did or didn't do. Focus on the evidence that Christ existed, died on the cross, and came back from the dead. As well, your personal testimony can be a powerful tool, because it's very difficult to 'disprove' the real and lasting change that Christ has brought to your life.

Alisha the Agnostic is attractive but likewise open to conversion if you talk her up, but mindful of your lustful thoughts...

Don't argue over whether or not God can be 'proven', because that usually puts you on the defensive, and the bottom line is you can't really 'prove' God in the scientific method sense.

Gee – I did not know we were so transparent. What they fail to address is my blanket rejection of any person carrying a bible who wants my time. How do you deal with Joe Atheist who looks at you and laughs, or better, tells you to get out of his face?

Btw – Mo the Muslim is a total copout. What’s wrong with saying Mohammad?

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