Monday, May 16, 2011

Various religious hypocrites

There are so many pastors and who commit crimes. Lately, I have focused on sexual predators, but lets not forget those accused of minor crimes (except the murder). This is my list from the last month. I am sure there are more.

Good news for those of you who claim I pick on Catholics. Only one catholic was named in this list. I’m not sure what the implies though.

Pastor Derrick Trevor Griffin was charged with murder for killing Kristopher Miller. Miller had the misfortune to escorted Griffin’s estranged wife to her car after a night at the Elks club. Griffin is one of four associate pastors at True Vine Missionary Baptist Church.

Pastor Leon Edwill Piepenbrink was arrested and charged with stealing more than $60K from the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Church Synod.

Pastor Jason LaPierre pleaded guilty to second-degree grand larceny for stealing $400K from a credit union. LePierre was the pastor at River Church in Kingsbury.

Pastor Erik Johansson was arrested for growing marijuana in West Warwick. The Feds are involved. He’s looking at some serious time.

Pastor Samuel Ackley of Towanda stand accused of attempting to steal cash from three ATMs. Ackely was the pastor at Souls Harbor Church.

Pastor Charles Edward Ledford was charged with stealing over $250K from Elmwood Avenue Church of God over a ten-year-period.

Monsignor Patrick Brown will serve five months in prison for tax evasion. I’m sure it would have been five years if it had been a regular Joe. Brown was the priest at St. Vincent de Paul in Morris County.

Pastor Jerry Hanoum committed suicide rather than face prosecution on charges that he committed financial fraud. Is suicide against the rules for protestants? Does it matter when one has misappropriated funds from an elderly woman?

Pastor John Albert Jackson was charged with embezzling $10k from the Goodwill Frist Baptist Church in madison. $10K is such a small sum. Why risk a career over it?

Pastor Timonthy David Miller was charged with adding in the international parental kidnapping of a child. He did not want the child to remain in the custody of the the former lesbian partner of a now evangelical Christian nutball. I hope he does some serious time.

Pastor Enoc "Tito" Sotelo was sentenced to 18 years in prison for scamming illegal immigrants in Plainfield.

Church secretary Stephanie Bailey stands accused of using her church ATM card to steal $20K using ATM machines. I hear ATM machines were made by the devil to temp Christians.

Pastor Charles Edward Ledford took over $250,000 from the Elmwood Avenue Church of God according to Columbia police.

Pastor Elijah Mealancon of Elijah Christian Ministries now stands officially accused of stealing the $98,000 Margaret Banks gave him to rebuild her home on Bruxelles Street back in 2009.

Pastor James W. Webb was arrested for an outstanding warrant for theft in Alabama. He failed to make restitution payments of $21K.

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