Monday, May 16, 2011

Inside the LAUSD teacher evaluation hearings

I have quite a few librarian friends and relatives so I tend to follow library related news. A librarian friend sent me a link Settle in. It’s a long one. It a post about the teacher evaluation hearings used by the LAUSD to determine if a teacher will be laid off or allowed to continue teaching, and one teaching librarian caught in the process.

A bit of a disclaimer, before I dig in. I am not a reporter. I am a teacher, a librarian, and a writer. This account is crafted from my personal perspective, biased as it may be, and combines events from two days observing the hearings. As there were no reporters present, my point of view may be the only one available to the general public at this moment. I do not contend that the events detailed here are exact or verbatim. I do contend that this is the gist of it.

Librarians were the people who helped my odd brain cope with the boredom of school. I cannot believe they are considering closing libraries as a means to save money. What are they thinking?

The hearing process sounds tedious and bureaucratic. Why do we treat people like this?

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