Tuesday, November 02, 2010

People will believe anything

feathercompositeI pick on Wicca from time to time. I think it’s justifiable, especially give he extremely high degree of make-believe surrounding the whole Wicca movement.

You can buy a Powerful energy charged spiritual feather tool from eBay to help in crafting you magic spells. And make no mistake, these are real magic feathers.

To create these feathers, Thunderwolf journeys into the spirit world to get the exact images and direction to create the type of feather you want. You can request feathers for specific prayers such as courage, healing, love, strength, clarity, increased psychic sensitivity, etc, to bring the specific energy of a totem into your life or to have a feather created to best match your needs right now as the spirits seem fit. No one feather is ever the same. Feathers generally measure about 8 to 12" in diameter on wing feathers. Although you can specify what feather type you would like to have used as the base, its recommended to let the spirits dictate this. Feather types generally on hand are imitation eagle, pure white, and brown barred feathers.

People buy them - odd people, nutballs even.

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