Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Making California a better place

I’m going to miss Gov. Schwarzenegger. It seems likely that Brown will regain his old seat. Brown will put the hurt on Californian in a much different way than his predecessor. My wallet hurts already.

One of the reasons I’ll miss Schwarzenegger is that he actually takes action that I support. For example, he moved to cut welfare recipients from using welfare funds to pay for fortune tellers, playing bingo, betting the horses, or paying for cruises. Jerry Brown would not do anything like this. It might alienate the poor vote. After all, they need to gamble too in order to feel like they are part of society.

Earlier this Year casinos and poker room had already been removed from the network, after the LA Times reported about out of state usage of welfare cards. Based on these reports, $69 million of California welfare money was spend elsewhere. $12 million of said money was spend in Las Vegas. Florida was also a hip location to get rid of the welfare funds. The tally counted in Florida was about $1.5 million. There was also welfare money spend on cruise ships which were sailing from Miami.

I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect that welfare funds be used for necessities. Food, housing, and clothing come to mind as appropriate uses, Paying for your drinks on a cruise ship seems more like fraud. Under Brown, we can only expect to see welfare costs go up – way up.

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