Monday, November 01, 2010

Photo a day – I love HDR


I started shooting HDR a few weeks ago after giving it up a year ago for various technical reasons. I picked up some pointers from George Lepp two weeks ago, and had my Nikon D300 “fixed” by Howard Ignatius at the same time. I’ve had fun shooting every day since. Sometimes it helps to pick up a tip or two from the pros, or in my case, 20 hours of classroom time.

I’m learning and experimenting as I go. I don’t typically like the over the top HDR stuff. It seems fake, but today’s mission was to produce just that. I shot on the way to work at dawn, and again on the way home about an hour before sunset. This shot was from the afternoon batch. I wanted something with depth. Shooting up the line of trucks towards the bridges and mountains in the background seemed like a good fit. I am pleased with the result, but I would frame it differently next time. I don’t like the blur so much on the right. I could have sat still in traffic and let the line of trucks move forward a few more feet so that everything is in focus. I”ll try it again tomorrow – the trucks will be there.

Update – I cropped it.

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1 comment:

Richard T said...

If I could venture to suggest that you could crop the side of the picture to align with the bridge and you'd get rid of the blur and I think end up with a pretty well balanced shot.