Saturday, September 04, 2010

We are just like them, or not.

James J. Lee was an atheist. But he was also a green environmentalist nutball operating on the fringe of the environmental movement. That point was lost on Wayne Laugesen, who likes to paint atheists with one big nasty brush.
Another atheist extremist went on a rampage last week, taking hostages at the Discovery Channel building and demanding the network do more to proselytize evolution and fear about environmental Armageddon. Before he harmed anyone, police shot the terrorist dead.
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Another Atheist extremist, it that even close to accurate? Did he take hostages in the name of atheism? Did he threaten violence in the name of atheism? Did he do one single act in the name of atheism? No, he did all these things in the name of fringe environmentalism (and possibly mental illness). Why would Laugensen link Lee’s atheism to his actions? I think he has a problem with evolution, PZ Myers, and gulp, “organized atheism.”

He quotes the Discovery Institutes’ David Klinghoffer attempt to tie Lee to “Darwinism.”
Writing for the Discovery Institute, David Klinghoffer pointed out that Darwinian theory has a strange effect on people who are “crazy, wicked, or both.” He’s correct, but he might as well have said “belief” or “philosophy” has a strange effect on people who are crazy, wicked or both.
So there you have it. The ghost of Darwin was holding Lee’s gun hand. I’ve been so blind. How did I miss that?

Excuse me, I need to head out to my local Atheist Church to get my marching orders for the coming week.

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