Thursday, September 23, 2010

Update on the Settlemoir case

Pastor Christopher Settlemoir had a court date yesterday. A interested party posted comments on my original post with a 1st party update from the hearing. The notes are shown below. Christopher_Settlemoi

  1. Preliminary Hearing waived Settlemoir case sent to Circuit Court for trial.
  2. Defense request for lower bond denied by Judge.
  3. Prosecutor says more charges coming for same victims.
  4. Prosecutor says more victims pictures on cell phone but not identified.
  5. Prosecutor says Feds are considering Federal charges (unknown).
  6. Next court hearing in Circuit Court on Oct 4 2010.
  7. Photos on cell phone are of victims genitals.
  8. Recordings at jail indicate Settlemoir and wife plotting to flee if bonded out.
  9. Defense Attorney thinks Settlemoir should be free because the crimes were against the church community and the general public has nothing to fear.
  10. Settlemoir fired from church and no longer receives compensation.
  11. Wife works 3 jobs currently.

The hearing did not make the news.