Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Nutball Alert: Pastor Terry Jones

I published a post on Pastor Terry Jones called, That dove is a hater (Aug 2010), Jones is the pastor who plans on burning the Koran on 911. I thought at the time that he might be a nutball, but I let it pass figuring he was an attention whore instead. I should have made the call. He is a nutball and so are his followers.

Dove world Outreach Center released a bizarre n-word filled video rant that does not really even have a point, except to show his colors as a racist. That makes him a nutball in my book, and dangerous. this is the face of evangelical Christianity folks. Be afraid.

A note on the video. I was offended by it. I will not put it on my blog. If you want to watch it, follow this link.

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