Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Female catholic priest ordained in Phoenix

The Ecumenical Catholic Communion ordained Elaine Groppenbacher as a priest.

Vatican condemnation be damned, on Saturday Elaine Groppenbacher became the forth female to be ordained a Catholic priest in the Phoenix area.

Groppenbacher was ordained into the priesthood by the Ecumenical Catholic Communion, considered to be a more liberal branch of the Catholic church. She received her holy orders from valley Bishop Peter Hickman.

What do you call at female Catholic priest, mother?

The ordination of women is seen as a step toward healing the problems created by the all male clergy and their propensity to molest children.

In recent years, the Catholic Church has experienced a dramatic drop in membership, believed to be caused in great part by a spate of recent sex scandals within the clergy, as well as the church’s unwillingness to recognize women as ecumenical equals.

No word yet on when the Vatican hit squads roll into town.