Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Miracle spring water will make you rich!

People will believe anything. And there is a certain type of person who pays to see Peter Popoff speak on top of buying his bullshit miracle spring water. They actually think he is a holy man. Popoff is a fraud and a nutball.

Just wanted to sharte[sic] that Popoff gave a personlized[sic] (2) ticket to see him at New York Marriott Downtown Brooklyn Bridge, on Sunday, Septmeber[sic] 19th and we were unable to get in due to all the so called VIP passes he gave, when we got there, we found out that he had let in people that didn't even have tickets, obviously he doesn't know how to manage his VIP's. He wasn't curtious[sic] enough to at least he could have let his VIP's in first then let the public in. His staff has poor managing skills. It was a waist of time taking $50.00 dollar cab from the Bronx to Brooklyn.

Popoff has VIPs? I think they are called “marks”.