Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Closure on Nicole Williamson

A posted a photo in November of 2006 about the murder of Nicole Williamson. Wherever you went in the city of Carson, CA, you saw a placard on a telephone pole asking for information on her murder. They were an ever present reminder of her death and visible for years. One of her parents posted this today.

Thank u for your comment on my daughter's murder. We did find her killer he was 13 yrs old when he murdered my baby so he only got 10 years, it took us 3 years to find him he was arrested @ 16 in 2006 Nicole was murdered Nov. 2003 she was 19 yrs old & our only child we continue to grieve.

It was nice to hear that her murder was solved. I offer my condolences to her parents.

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