Thursday, November 30, 2006

Carson Ugly #27: Nicole Williamson

Sometimes Carson is ugly for how it looks. Sometimes Carson is ugly because of what happens to the people who live there. A few weeks ago, a gas station attendant named Eduardo Roco, whom I've known in passing for four years, was murdered on his last day at work before retirement. Three boys killed him, along with Esther Arteaga, who was starting her first day. I’ve tried to take a pictures of the flowers on display near the place of their death. But, I can’t. I’m afraid I would not make a good journalist. I cannot take the picture. It makes me sad.

A few days later, I drove by a ubiquitous Nicole Williamson sign. I've seen them in the city since her murder in November of 2003. She was young woman, killed while talking to a friend in a car. It is unlikely they will ever find the young man who killed Nicole... and that is why I take Carson ugly pictures.