Friday, August 13, 2010

They digress

I’ve been following the odd case of Pastor Christopher Settlemoir since his arrest in June, 2010. His supporters are hilarious. The comment thread on my original post is over 175 entries. If you want to delve into the minds of those deluded by a pastor, this is a great thread to read. It’s really a head trip. A small unedited sample:

you shouldnt accuse anyone of trying to be God, but I do know what I'm talking about. Chris saying he smells bu*t is like men saying they smell SEX on you. some people are fixated on "smelling" other people, and if he smelled bu*t on somebodys BREATH, HOW CLOSE WAS HE TO THEM?

men talk that way and the definition is not about the "odor" of the body, but the "smell" of sex, on a womans face, hair, her perspiration, the sweat on her face, her perfune, smelling her chair when she gets up, smelling her coat or her hands, all sorts of weird things that men will ask a woman if she just had sex because he claims he can smell it on her, and he can.

Apparently Settlemoir had a thing for degrading others that stretched back to his college days. His blog is dull, but its referenced as if it were proof of his depravity. I don’t really see it. He has a guest book. I left my message a few minutes ago. I encourage you to do the same.