Friday, August 13, 2010

Dumber and dumber

DonaldCrosby Demon Don Crosby was back picketing again just two days after his arrested for picketing outside a public school. He was arrested this time for violating the city’s noise ordinance. He was using a bullhorn.

Thursday, Crosby had a permit to picket. However, the city’s separate noise ordinance prohibits the use of the bullhorn while on a public street, sidewalk, city park or other public place, City Attorney Jim Elliott said.

“You can go out there, but you can’t be heard,” said Crosby, who opposes the mascot because, he says, demons represent evil. “This is absolute foolishness. My constitutional rights are being stripped from me just because I am the unpopular vote.”


ScreamingDemons Hey demon Don, demons can represent evil. Demons can also represent a historically important group of  WWII veterans. You see in English words can have more than one meaning. Open a dictionary some time if you need proof.

I posted on Pastor Donald Crosby just two days ago in How dumb thou art? 

Hey Demon Don! Get out of my news feed. You’re yesterday’s news.

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