Friday, August 27, 2010

Theft from the dead

I love that title – Theft from the dead. What can you steal from a the dead?

The revelation came as a shock to the community, Katwick said. The funds were for the perpetual care of grave sites and the association has had a difficult time maintaining the grounds at the cemetery on Applebee Road.

As president of the association, Katwick issued an apology to the community for being unable to maintain the cemetery. He said he has friends and family buried there and as a retired 67-year-old has volunteered time and money for upkeep.

I get it, Pastor David Maleham took money meant for the upkeep of a cemetery. He allegedly stole over $11K. He was able to steal because he was a pastor and the board figured it did not need to check up on his financial record keeping. Why trust somebody when a simple yearly audit will spot theft? The board should be held accountable for their poor decisions.

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