Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nutball Alert: Dennis Hobbs

I don’t even know Dennis Hobbs’ religion. The dennis-hobbspress reports that he is a deeply religious man. Is it his religion that drove him to stalk his own daughter? Is it his religion that made him a controlling father? Or is he just a garden variety nutball?

The driver of the car wore black face paint and a black long-sleeve shirt, police said. Inside the car, police said they found a wig, a video camera, a loaded gun and a notebook detailing a young woman's whereabouts. An officer stopped the car after he saw it traveling suspiciously around a women's shelter.

Let’s see now, black face paint, notebook, gun, stalking, private detectives, dead bolts, controlling behavior, death threats and religion. It has all the making of an honor killing or a family tragedy. I wonder what religion he is?

I found this nutball via True Crime Report, which is a great source for news from the world of crime.

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