Friday, August 27, 2010

Photography – on not being creepy

DSC_7561 I found a great set of photography tips meant for the aspiring street photography. Well, one tip in particular, disregard what other people think of you. I learned this young and it has served me well. I still have problems with the creep factor though. I don’t like taking pictures of kids because of the reaction I’ve had from parents, so unless it’s something like this photo, I shoot adults.

One of the things that people are worried about when starting street photography is worrying about being judged by other people as being a “creeper” or just being plain weird. Disregard these thoughts. When you are shooting on the streets, you will most likely be alone. That means that anyone who may be “judging” you is people that you do not know and will most likely never see again in your life. So why let them get in your way?

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I try not act like an overt street photographer these days. The headaches associated with a shoot gone wrong are just not worth it to me. The police are so unfriendly. And when you are an imposing big guy like me, the police are very unfriendly.

I had my son with me when I shot this photo. He suggested I use a camera without a mechanical shutter. I laughed, now that would be creepy.

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