Thursday, August 19, 2010

Religion, politics and pastor Blair

Pastor Paul Blair uses his pulpit to encourage support for conservative political candidates who share his narrowly defined moral agenda. In other words, you must be a gay hater. Americans United for Separation of Church and State are asking that Blair be held accountable for gross violations of the law. Blair thinks is his not breaking the law. Even after the flack he received during the last presidential election. His support for Republican Sally Kern appears to be a violation of the law.

The leader of Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ Pastor Paul Blair said even though the group sent out an e-mail titled "RALLY FOR SALLY" for Republican Sally Kern, it was no way an endorsement and even if it was, Blair said constitutionally he would be well within his rights.

Pastor Paul Blair has quickly become one of the state's most controversial pastors, most notably for giving a sermon in 2008 where Blair said he would be voting for John McCain.

The IRS should investigate and act to remove his tax exempt status. Blair is ready for it.

Blair said if the IRS were to take away the tax exempt status, he would continue to preach and preach harder. He maintains that historically in America pastors have played a key role in stirring the hearts of America toward liberty. And it wasn't until the 1954 Johnson amendment to the IRS code that any restrictions were placed on free speech in churches.

Which translates to – screw the law.

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