Thursday, August 19, 2010

Steven Welty, accused pedopastor

I like the term pedopastor. It fits pastor Steven Welty, who this week pleaded not guilty to six counts of child rape, six counts of child molestation, and six counts of incest. I hope he can count to six.

Pedopastor Welty seems like a nice guy. He even helped the homeless.

From October 2008 to June 2009, Welty operated a laundromat and homeless facility as part of the Sequim Community Help Center, of which he was director. He also served as pastor at Glory House Fellowship Church. The Barbara Allen Laundromat, named after his mother, was part of the center, serving as a place homeless people could go to get their clothes washed and take a shower. The facilities were at 155 W. Cedar Street.

But pedopastor Welty allegedly had a dark secret. He’s accused of molesting four young relatives, some as young as 4. He’s a pedopastor. Am I right?

Glory House Fellowship, perhaps he should consider changing the name to Glory Hole Fellowship. That way he can continue his ministry in prison.