Monday, August 23, 2010

Photo a day fail

I’ve been on a personal quest to take a photo a day since I realized that I was not paying attention to my favorite hobby. On Saturday I failed miserably.

My wife and I had a park day. We grabbed beach chairs, books, and some grub and then found a good shade tree in a local park. We choose Huntington Central Park near the library. It’s close enough to the beach to enjoy the sea breeze and hardly ever crowded.

I took my camera along. I shot pictures too. my subjects were dogs, people, and birds. A took a couple of dozen shots. When I  tried to unload later that day, I found the camera’s memory card already in a loaded in slot on my computer. D’oh! The Nikon D300 lets me take demo mode pictures without media. I never noticed while shooting because I don’t use the photo preview function.

I later told my wife that had goofed and was out of film. I could see her thinking, old Joe is old.