Monday, August 23, 2010

Introducing Maven and meddler

Please join me in welcoming one of the newest member of the Atheist Blogroll, Maven and meddler.
I know a lot about a lot of stuff …from the intense focus on my former high visibility volunteer position in the Civil Air Patrol, anything to do with food/eating/dining/cooking and how it all relates to culture, and the creative spirit. I can help you score an incredible deal on a new refrigerator, whip up a restaurant quality meal on the fly, tell you the right way to adjust your car mirrors and then recommend a color palette for the exterior of your house with advice about getting a good paint job and why you might want to consider swapping your god fantasies for a more rational worldview -  while discussing the latest political dish
I’m a data bank on two short legs.
Meddling is one of my hobbies. Always has been. I started writing letters to the President at age nine. Way back when, I joined the American Indian Movement (AIM) and Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in the same year. Later, as a Humanist and skeptic I am compelled to meddle when confronted by the irrational. As a survivor of Stage III breast cancer, I’ve meddled in changing the way breast cancer diagnosis and care are delivered in my home town. I’m an incurable letter to the editor writer. On this blog site I hope to change the perception of being a meddler from the purely pejorative and give it the sense that I have, that of caring enough to get involved.
I'm also an unapologetic atheist and skeptic.
My blog attempts to convey an atheist viewpoint on any number of current 'issues of the day' - sometimes subtly, sometimes not so much so. On a good day, I can weave the atheist worldview through posts as diverse as auto repair to curry recipes. In this way, I enjoy sneaking up on my readers. I'd love to have you join me today.  If this sounds interesting to you, please read more and learn how to contribute on the Share page.
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