Monday, August 23, 2010

Creation Museum uncomfortable for some?

According to Bernadette Barton, a professor of sociology at Morehead State University, The Creation Museum in Kentucky is uncomfortable for non-fundamentalist Christian visitors.

On her third trip to the museum, Barton took her undergraduate students, who found the visit unsettling. Several in the group were former fundamentalists who had since rejected that worldview. Several others were gay. In part because of these backgrounds, Barton said, the students were on edge at the museum. Particularly nerve-wracking were signs warning that guests could be asked to leave the premises at any time. The group's reservation confirmation also noted that museum staff reserved the right to kick the group off the property if they were not honest about the "purpose of [the] visit."

The Creation Museum may make former fundamentalists uncomfortable, but I’m sure it will just make me laugh.

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