Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nutball Alert: Sharron Angle

Sharron Angle is a Nevada senatorial candidate running as a Republican. Apparently, Angle is a fundie nutball. Back in the the 90s while she was running for a local school board seat, she took a position against high school football jerseys based on her biblical interpretation of evil. Black is evil.

"I cannot quote scripture as they did to justify their point but the gist of their argument was that black as a color was thoroughly evil, invoking the supernatural and especially the devil," Roberts reports. "Whichever argument prevailed, school administrators caved in and prohibited the Muckers from wearing the black apparel."

Original Source: Bill Roberts – Angle Strove religiously against black jerseys.

We don’t need another fundie nutball in the Senate. Please Nevadans, just say no to Sharron Angle.

If you doubt she’s a fundie, then why call her campaign a calling from God?

Reid’s supporters have put a spotlight on Angle’s emphasizing religion in her campaign. Specifically, her statements that she is running as a “calling from God” and fighting the forces of evil who seek “to make government our God.”

If you doubt she’s a nutball, then why does she align her campaign with the Tea Party?

"I am the tea party," said Angle, a 60-year-old former Nevada lawmaker.