Sunday, August 22, 2010

Damn you Jim Butcher

I’m hooked on the Dresden Files. I’ve read all 12 books in the series in the last 3 months. The next book drops in March, 2011. What the hell am I going to do now?

I was a voracious reader up until I attended grad school in my 40s in 2004-2005. After graduation, I did not read a book again for years. The forced reading slog sucked the love of reading right out of me. I would pick a book up and start shaking. I lost my mojo.

I bought a Kindle to use while traveling to China on business earlier this year. My first purchase was LOTR. It was fun to reacquaint myself with an old friend. I’ve read it 30 time or more over the years.

I heard about the Dresden Files from the Writing Excuses podcast. I came to them after working my way through a few other book. They pumped a booked called The Maze Runner. I read it over one long flight segment. It was like smoking a good cigar. Next up was Dan Wells and his outstanding, I am not a Serial Killer. And then Brandon Sanderson mentioned the Dresden Files, so I took the plunge. Oh my god what fun.

It’s great to have my mojo back. I have not have this much fun since the days of Mike Hodel’s Hour 25. The give and take of Writing Excuses reminds me of the good old days when Mike ran the show. Mike’s death in 1986 is one of those Space Shuttle Challenger moments. I’ll never forget what I was doing when I heard Harlan Ellison announce his death. It was like losing a friend. Perhaps I will write about it someday.

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