Saturday, August 21, 2010

Live lessons


I took this picture one morning a few days ago. I was angry. My trailer trash neighbors had thrown a mattress away by putting it in the street near their fence. It’s not the first time they've done something like this. If it’s not a mattress  then it is yard waste or furniture. I took a picture so I could call the city and complain. The city would remove it eventually. It’s not like my neighbors understand the issue either.   The last time I talked to them about a bunch of unbundled tree limbs that stayed in the same spot for three weeks, they said, “What I am supposed to do?” There assumption was that somebody would pick it up for them.

Later that same day, near 9:00 pm, as I left to buy gas I noticed. a family had pulled up next to the curb and was trying to muscle the mattress up to the roof of their old van. I helped load it and gave them some rope to help secure it. A young girl watched from the sidewalk. She asked if the bed was for her. Her dad said, “Yes honey, tonight you sleep in a real bed.”

I can remember being that poor.

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