Monday, August 09, 2010

Making money at the Flea Market

DSC_7414 I went shopping at the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market yesterday. I shop for ceramics, wall art, and old cameras. I also go to watch people and photograph the oddballs.

Pasadena is were at least some of the beautiful people live. I’ve seen movie and TV stars there on several occasions. At Sunday’s show I saw Corbin Bernsen, I think I saw his wife Amanda Pays (not 100% sure). I also saw a middle-aged TV actress who I can’t put a name to, a young woman who I recognize from print work, and a TV personality from a craft show.

As you can tell, I’m not really into celebrities. I take my camera with me, but I never shoot the celebrities. I shoot people all the time, but celebrities are not on my list. I collect odd people the way other people collect snow globes. I don’t bother celebrities either. There is not asking for autographs or pictures.

Celebrities mean nothing to me so I treat them like I like to be treated. I ignore them. I wish I could same of others in the crow. I spotted 7 other people with professional grade photography equipment, including the young man pictured above. I watched as he scanned the crowd for celebrity faces. I heard his shutter release a few times as I walked past his pathetic used shoe display. He focused behind me on the attractive young woman I recognized from a catalog. I’m pretty sure she was a model. If you must hang out at a flea market selling used shoes, you might as well augment your income with celebrity photos.

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