Monday, August 09, 2010

Christianity fail

The LA Times write on the health of American Christianity. In case you missed it, institutional Christianity is not well. It’s no surprise to me, I’ve been saying the same thing for years. I love this paragraph.

But if one adheres to the principle of Occam's razor — that the simplest explanation is the most likely — there is another, more unsettling conclusion: that many people who call themselves Christian don't really believe, deep down, in the tenets of their faith. In other words, their actions reveal their true beliefs.

Of course, fewer institutional Christians means more of what I call hipster Christians. You know the ones I mean, they plant a new church in your neighborhood, hold services is abandoned offices accompanied by culturally relevant rock music, and minister to the un-churched (that’s us) in all number of meaningful yet annoying ways. I know so many… heck, I mentor two.

I used to think Christianity was the religion of love. I can remember when this felt true. What happened Christianity? When did  they turn into haters. Remember folks, it is what you do that counts in live, not what you believe, or what you think other people should do. Try love. It works.

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