Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Introducing VanCity Skeptic

Please join me in welcoming the newest member of the Atheist Blogroll, VanCity Skeptic.

"We live in a world of experts, but every single individual person (be them an expert in anything or not) has an opinion that is of value to society, whether we happen to agree with it or not. While I crave evidence and science as much as the next logical person, I also crave hearing people's personal opinions and thoughts which are often pushed to the side and listed as "of no value to anyone at all". 

The World of Experts(tm) demands proof of every word, every breath, every thought. Sometimes I wonder if people forget that a feeling can in fact be justifiable simply because it exists. People often ask "Why be [insert emotion]?" and my best answer would be "Because I am. Because I feel it." What other answer would there be? Sure, I critically examine my own feelings quite often, but often enough, the only root cause I find is "I had a feeling. I felt it. Life went on. There is no more."

I run an ordinary opinion blog about my thoughts on Atheism, Religion, and occasionally Technology or just Life in general. People may not like my opinions or thoughts, but that's ok. I am not just an Atheist, but an Anti-Theist, which can be very taboo even amongst the skeptical. It is taboo to stand up and say you believe religion is -bad- and needs to go. It is a rejected "opinion" to say religion should be unwanted and not tolerated in a logical, reasonable society; yet, that is exactly what I feel, taboo or not.

I'm just an average girl living in the Vancouver, British Columbia area. I don't have a lengthy education with a fancy degree or a high-profile job. I don't make a lot of money, and I don't own a lot of "things". While all those things in life are fine, I'm often disillusioned at just how unimportant regular people really are to the world for a lack-thereof. I like reading from the experts, but I wish more people would stand up to have a well-thought-out opinion every now and again. We are a sea of voices that are often lost in the crowd.

I want to know what regular people think, and I feel like letting other people know what this regular person thinks. That is all VanCity Skeptic is really about.

I look forward to reading more blogs and becoming acquainted with new people who may stop by."

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