Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Owning membership in Christianity

The guardian asks the question, “…should anyone be held responsible for the crimes of their co-believers?”  The context of the question is important. The Guardian asks the question of those believers who have walked away from organized religion, like Ann Rice. What do you think?

My answer… Yes! People who leave mainstream Christian denominations because they recognize institutionalized hypocrisy are morally obligated to hold those who stay behind accountable. Proposition 8 comes to mind for Mormons, and condom distribution in Africa comes to mind for Catholics.

I’ve had this discussion with a nondenominational pastor. He insists that getting involved with politics and/or institutionalized religion pollutes his mission. I assert he is a coward who is afraid to confront hatred and is living a life that is inconstant with his values. It makes for good discussions.

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