Sunday, August 01, 2010

A call to action – Write a letter.

I had comment from a reader of this post. Gretchen was reacting to the conviction of pastor Jason Smoker, an evil rat bastard of a man who dumped garbage on a developmentally disabled boy. Gretchen’s comment was simple and direct. I’ve reprinted it below:

What a hateful thing to do! My brother is physically handicapped. He can't get out of bed, eat, or do anything by himself. He has difficulty seeing and hearing. He's alert, but that's almost (please forgive me for saying so) a bad thing for someone in his condition who is completely dependent on others for his care.

As a child, everyone was sympathetic. Who doesn't want to come to the assistance of a handicapped child? As an adult, many people find him disgusting. I suspect that's just what Jason Smoker felt when he dumped garbage on that mentally handicapped volunteer.

Richard Brendel, my brother, has no friends and is lonely. If you'd like to write to him, here's his address:

Richard Brendel (patient)
(908) 771-5807

I challenge the Atheist community to write a letter. Is anyone up for it? I am.

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