Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pastor Jason Smoker guilty

If I ever meet this guy, I will have to work hard not to punch him in the nose. Former Baptist Pastor Jason Smoker was convicted of neglect of an at-risk person. That means the good pastor took advantage of a person who is not capable of taking care of himself. Does that sound like something a Christian would do?

Do you remember the case? Pastor Jason Smoker dumped garbage on a developmentally disabled boy as punishment for not cleaning a bus properly.

According to the affidavit, Smoker then "placed an item around his (victim's) head, covering his eyes, that was described as possibly a -shirt that was tied in a knot to keep it on ... (the victim's) head. Pastor Smoker had (the victim) lay down on the ground near the bus and dumped trash on top of him that was apparently taken from the bus trash cans.(The victim) said the trash didn't hurt him physically but did emotionally."

The bully was convicted.

Former assistant pastor Jason Smoker, 37, will be sentenced on May 27 after he was convicted Wednesday of dumping trash on a developmentally disabled person as punishment.

Pastor Jason Smoker was fired from his job at Red Rocks Baptist Church in Morrison. No worries though. He’s a Baptist so he could pop up in a church near you. Be sure to keep your special needs children away from him.