Saturday, April 17, 2010

Christian Terrorist who were ready to kill

The Hutaree are nutters. Their leader, David Stone, is a nutter. His followers are all nutters too. Or as I like to call them, Nutballs. They planned to kill anybody who stumbled upon their training sessions.

The leader of a Christian militia planned an elaborate, two-part training session for this month and told members it was OK to kill "anyone who might stumble upon the operation," federal prosecutors wrote in a court filing Friday.

David Stone is serious.

"If you're made, somebody comes tripping along, they just happen to see you, we're gonna handle it as a hostile situation," Stone said. "That means you put them on the ground."

All because they wanted to fight the anti-Christ. I don’t think they are mentally ill. No, I think they are Christians who took their delusion to a level few are willing to adopt. They are no different that fringe religious groups who adopt violence as part of their belief structure. Nutballs sure, but cultivated in the anti-intellectual desert known as conservative Christianity.