Sunday, August 01, 2010

Pastor Thurman Leonard arrested

ThurmanLeonard The crime, assault and battery, felony abduction, and damaging a phone line. The have him dead to rights on what? Damaging a phone line. Is that a crime?

Apparently, the arrest stems from a dispute with a woman and a phone. I’m not sure how they are related, but the phone is obviously important enough to warrant a special mention in the press.

Of course, we hold our men of God to a higher standard. They should not inflict wanton damage on a phone. We need phone to talk to each other. If everyone damaged a phone, we could not talk to each other except for face-to-face. Who wants that? What was the pastor thinking?

Pastor Thurman runs the Restoration and Faith Ministry in Newport News. I understand it used to be a Verizon store.

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