Sunday, June 13, 2010

I get comments… fundietainment

I’ve posted on a Christian cult founded by the late Pastor David J. Meyers back in 2007. His followers are crazy. An anonymous poster got my attention when he or she asserted that nameless Wiccans had used the Harry Potter movies’ Avada Kedavra spell to weaken and kill their pastor. They think it’s real. They think it has some kind of power. They believe in witchcraft. How do people fall into such brainless idiocy?

It's occured to me that the poster who said 'avada kadavra david' and then it didn't work did it? holds to clue to David J. Meyers death. Those strange words mean DEATH SPELL. I am sure during his ministry he received death threats, and the various hacked off occultists he exposed threw spells against him. Up until now, they only weakened his health but he always rebounded. This time, the Lord allowed it and brought him home, as no man can withstand the pressure of a ministry like David had for so long, The Wiccans hated him. Well kids, he's out but not down for the count. He's in Paradise.

And God is not finished with you yet, you whosoever sent this final spell. It comes back threefold, remember? This was revealed to me about an hour ago, that Meyer was cast against for the final time. It's a real spiritual war, and real soldiers take hits and sometimes die. But it will come back three-fold, remember?

Read the full thread of the original post for more fundietainment, or check out the nutballs commenting on the post I made for Meyer’s death.

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